Up to 30% of jobs at risk of being automated!

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Yesterday, I attended the Linkedin Talent Intelligence Summit and heard from some amazing speakers about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on recruitment and how technology is changing so we need to as well.

Dan Shapero, Vice President Talent Solutions, Careers, & Learning at LinkedIn kicked off the event with ‘Where Instincts & Insights Meet’. He debated whether recruiters could be automated in the future and although 69% of recruiters across Europe believe that AI will help source candidates faster, 63% believe that relationship building with candidates will be down to instinct and experience and will still need to be personalised.

Next up on stage was John Jersin, Head of Recruiter & Sourcing Products at Linkedin. John gave us an insight into the world of Artificial Intelligence and how that is going to affect the recruitment industry, at one point he said that “Talent and AI will stand to reshape our industry.”

After a break full of good coffee and amazing snacks Adelyn Zhou the CMO of TOPBOTS delivered a piece on ‘How to Thrive in an Era of Machine Learning’. She talked us through some of the extraordinary achievements being made by AI, from computers beating Chess champions to computers reading books and writing copy. It was interesting to imagine what AI could do for the future of recruitment processes. No more sourcing? No more advert writing? No more trawling through hundreds of applications? Who knows?!? But I am excited to see what the future holds.

After lunch the audience were introduced to Esther O’Callaghan OBE, CEO of OPERA Global Youth Foundation. Esther is on a mission to provide practical and financial support to vulnerable young people aged 16-24 to find, to gain skills and expertise to find jobs and stay in work, and she is looking for support from as many recruiters as possible to help tackle youth unemployment. With such a big skills gap in many industries, this seems like the perfect solution to fill the gap and help young people. Esther is a remarkable woman that has already sold Utility People on her plans – we signed up to support OPERA in the summer.

Coding is something I have always been interested in, so hearing from Kathryn Parsons the Founder and Co-CEO of Decoded, was probably the highlight of the day for me. She talked about the subject of coding and how with the advent of AI, everyone will need to be able to code in the future, and we need to act now! Kathryn talked about education and how what we are taught in school, hasn’t materially changed in the last 30/40 years – we are still making kids choose between the arts and sciences, but computer science/coding is something that is already available to schools, but most either don’t even know that, or are choosing not to sign up to it. In the future, coding is going to be an amazing skill to have, and if everything around us is becoming technologically advanced, shouldn’t we be too?

Overall, the LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Summit is by far the best event I have been to this year in terms of learning and knowledge.

I’m ready for AI to enhance my life in the recruitment industry.


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