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Here at Utility People we understand that the planet is our one home and it desperately needs our help.

The climate crisis is one of the most important issues of our time and we believe that we all have a shared responsibility to take action. That is why we’ve made sustainability the core of what we do, by collaboratively working towards promising incentives.

As an industry the utility sector is a big contributor to carbon emission, which is one of the reasons why we decided that we wanted to take positive action to reduce our own emissions and become a more environmentally sustainable business.

We want to do everything we can to reduce our own climate impact, so this year we have measured our carbon footprint with Positive Planet and considered the broader environmental impacts of our services.

We’re making small but significant changes wherever and whenever we can. We’re far from perfect but we believe lots of small efforts, repeated day in, day out go a long way to achieving our goal of becoming a carbon neutral business.

Although small, we believe the impact is mighty. We actively encourage our clients and candidates to make similar steps, where able, to fight the aggressive battle the climate crisis poses.

Our home is one thing we all have in common, and we understand progress is impossible without change.

Head over to our friends at Positive Planet to find tips and tricks on how you can actively fight climate change:

Here are just a handful of the things we’re doing as a small team to reduce our carbon footprint: