8 Tips for reducing stress while working from home

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Although things are gradually beginning to return to how they were before the pandemic, our lives are still massively affected by the lockdown. With April being Stress Awareness Month, we thought we’d share some ways of how to focus on reducing stress while still working from home and look after your mental well-being.

Home Office Set up with Plant | Specialist Utilities Recruitment Set up a professional space 

Separating work from home is really important to get in and out of the right mindset while working, so setting up a professional workspace keeps separate bubbles between home and work.

Set realistic daily and weekly goals 

Setting goals keeps you on track and focused. Keeping them realistic is so important so they are achievable, and psychology has proven that achieving goals of any size releases good hormones -endorphins.

Eliminate interruptions 

Try to keep your office space as professional as possible – stay away from the tv, and let anyone else in the household know you can’t talk while working.

Keep in contact with colleagues 

Working from home has drastically reduced interpersonal contact so keeping in touch with colleagues helps us to feel a little less isolated and more connected.

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Turn off your emails when out of office hours 

As already mentioned it’s so important to create a line between your work and personal life and turning off your emails helps you to switch off and get some well-deserved down time after a good day’s work.

Get a workout in 

Being restricted to the same 4 walls most of the time can be really demotivating. Fitting regular workouts into your schedule can really help with your motivation and energy levels – there are even exercises you can do at or around your desk!

Drink plenty of water 

This one seems obvious but keeping hydrated when working is so important.  Not only are our bodies 80% water, it’s also essential for the health of our brains and can help reduce the risk of headaches while staring at a screen all day.

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Get out of the “office” 

While last on our list this is one of the most important tips, and probably the one most people don’t do.  Getting out of the “office” perhaps for a walk, again helps to create that divide between your personal and professional life, and any kind of exercise is so good for you.

So that’s our list of tips on how to reduce stress while working from home. Let us know if you have any tips and tricks of your own that you would recommend here!


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