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We all know how hard it is to get noticed when applying for jobs online (these don’t apply for just Utility Jobs) – here’s some of our top do’s and dont’s…


Research the companies on social media. They may have recruiters following them who post similar and relevant new job postings you are looking for. So jump on anything that you are suitably qualified for.

Consider starting a blog in your area of expertise. Include it in your emails to the recruiters and they will be sure to mention it when recommending you to a client.

Get professional help with your CV. To ensure your CV contains all the appropriate ‘buzzwords’ for your CV to be noticed. This will increase your odds of getting through to companies who use talent management software. You don’t always need to fork out for this either. Lots of blogs will have sufficient advice for you to be able to build a noticeable CV.

Ensure your CV matches your online profiles. Some potential employers will check you out on LinkedIn. So if your profile says something different to your CV they may decide not to interview on that basis.


Don’t apply for jobs which you really aren’t qualified for. This will just lead to disappointment, read the skills and experience carefully.

Pretty CV’s don’t get you the job. Recruiters are looking for clean/easy to read documents which are formatted correctly to be compatible with all software.

Don’t wait until you are out of work to look for your next move. For many people we realise this isn’t possible, but your chances of finding a new job are best when you are still employed, remember networking is still very important. Be visible, upbeat and informed about industry trends and news.

And finally, remember, looking for a new job is a full time job in itself. Do your research, know which companies you want to work for, every morning scour the job boards for new job postings and jump on anything you are qualified for (and interested in!)


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