Attracting talent in a candidate’s market post-lockdown

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Despite the perception that there would be many people out of work post-pandemic, the opposite appears to be the case. In fact, there is a shortage of talent available in the jobs market. According to a recent survey by Reed, the UK is in the middle of a jobs boom. This is evident by the number of jobs added to Reed in May at the highest level since February 2008! Businesses are finding they must work harder than ever before to attract the most talented candidates available. In order to help, we have some top tips!

Consider candidates looking for a career change

According to Reed, 70% of jobseekers are willing to move sectors to land a new job. 52% are willing to relocate and 66% spent time in 2020 learning new skills. These different attributes are key for attracting talent moving forwards as they will open up a much wider pool of potential candidates that businesses can benefit from.

Check the wording on your Job Descriptions 

Make sure you are very clear about what skills you need and make sure that the job title reflects the role. Do not use internal jargon – who understands that?!?! Focus on the day-to-day tasks of the job and its responsibilities. As a result, this will help the potential candidate in their job searches. If you are looking to attract a diverse workforce, remember the statistic that a male candidate will apply for a job if they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but a female candidate applies only if they meet 100% of them!

Remain competitive

When Reed analysed all of their job listings, they found that average salaries have increased by 4% this year. So, if you can offer a better salary or benefits – do it! And if you did not know, statistics suggest that adverts which display a salary range receive 43% more applications than those that do not.

Be flexible 

Over 51% of jobseekers surveyed by Reed said they want to work from home for at least part of the week. This has been apparent moving forward from the pandemic due to different reasons including an increase in productivity, less stress, and more time with the family!

Sell your culture 

According to a study by Leadership IQ, only 20% of companies have clearly defined the attitudes and characteristics separating their culture from competing organisations. Businesses should focus on what makes them unique and shout about their core values. Elements such as employee wellbeing, D&I, mental health, training, and development have become even more important than ever.

These are just a few tips to help you when focusing on attracting talent and candidates to your business. However, if you would like to understand a little more about the recruitment challenges you may be facing post-pandemic, why not contact us here for a confidential chat.


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