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The Job board – Monster – recently produced Candidate Behaviour – The Big Report where they surveyed a cross-section of their database which makes for interesting reading and which all of us should pay attention to if we want to attract the best talent for our business.

Before a candidate applies for a job, 82% said they would check out the organisation’s website first. However, only 69% they would look at the Careers Page.  Only 45% said they would look on social media – which drops even more for those in the older age brackets.  In terms of social media, those in the 25-34 age bracket tend to use Facebook or Twitter. This is compared to Gen Z who go for Tik Tok, Instagram or Snapchat.

Only 29% would contact an organisation direct, 36% would look up current employees on social networking sites and 48% would look at employee feedback on a review site.  So…. what headline tips can we take-away from this report?

  • Your current employees could be your secret weapon to attracting new talent
  • Candidates are clearly motivated to find out more about an organisation and it’s culture before applying for a job. This is your Employer Brand and is separate from your Corporate Brand.
  • Ensure your information is on a variety of platforms to attract a cross section of age ranges but make sure the message is consistent.
  • Address negative reviews even if the employee has left, and if they have valid points, respond to the review, and acknowledge you can make positive changes.
  • Transparency may well impress job seekers.

To read the full report produced by Monster, you can click here:

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