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Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Although social media is fast becoming a great way to find a new job, it can damage your chances too. Employers are aware that your social space is to show fun moments, however it’s good to filter out what might not be appropriate for them to see.

If you’re struggling to identify which posts might leave an unwholesome impression, why not ask for a second eye from someone whose opinion you value?

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the one a potential employer is going to check first so make sure it’s completed properly and up to date. Your CV is limited to a couple of pages so this is your opportunity to use the unlimited amount of space on your LinkedIn profile to really sell your key skills and work history and moreover, your personality! Struggling to keep on top of it? Why not set a weekly reminder in your phone to keep your profile fresh!

Have you checked your privacy settings?

People often think their Facebook page is seen just by friends and family, only to discover their potential boss has spotted photos of them doing handstands in their pants on a Saturday night! Many people forget to use privacy settings on photos and it is frightening how much we judge a person based on these images. Take a look at your accounts and make sure they are all private so you do not risk damaging the next step in your career.

Why check what your social media says about you?

  • 91% of employers use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to screen candidates.
  • 13% rejected a candidate because they lied about their qualifications.
  • 11% rejected a candidate because they posted inappropriate comments.
  • The same amount rejected a candidate because they posted inappropriate photos.
  • 11% rejected applicants because of posting negative comments about a previous employer.
  • 10% were rejected for posting content about them using drugs.
  • 9% were rejected for posting content about them drinking.
  • 37% of employers look you up on Facebook.
  • 65% said that they want to see if the candidate presents himself/herself professionally.
  • 51% said they want to see if the candidate is a good fit for the company culture.
  • 35% want to see if the candidate is well-rounded.
  • 12% said that they use social media as a means of looking for reasons not to hire the candidate.

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