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The Company 

Lisa was engaged on a major Executive Search project for a challenger brand, the newest player to arrive on the UK’s electricity and gas utility scene. Her client was a smart energy trading network for solar PV and battery storage customers. Its ground-breaking AI-powered platform aims to revolutionise the energy industry by empowering homes and businesses to take control of their energy supply. Customers can trade the solar power that they generate and store on batteries with other network customers or sell back into the Grid to maximise earnings.

The challenge 

The company was founded by entrepreneurs, and their innovative approach was a pledge to “transform the energy industry by turning it on its head”. They launched in collaboration with an energy storage company and was the first home energy trading solution to be fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service.

They were seeking to appoint a Managing Director who complimented their vision for the future – a progressive and driven individual – tomorrow’s talent! Someone who would bring ambition with integrity and inspire others to follow this new world of energy vision.

The solution 

  • 5-week turnaround.
  • Approached 32 potential candidates. 
  • Throughout the process held weekly progress meetings with the client.
  • Created, profiled, and presented a longlist of 4 exceptionally strong industry candidates. 
  • Shortlisted 2 candidates who went forward to interview. 

The result 

Lisa successfully found their new Managing Director – someone that had already spent time working for a Challenger Brand with green credentials, but with a wider range of experience in telecoms and conferencing.   Her remit with the challenger brand had been the revision of overarching business strategy, the creation of an operational centre of excellence which had enhanced customer experience.

She had:

  • Improved Net Promotor scores -15 to +44 in 12 months.
  • Customer service and operational performance improved by 150%.
  • Delivered 10% growth with a 20% decrease in Operating costs.
  • Reduced incidents and issues by 8% whilst improving resolution SLA by 3%.
  • Moved 48% of customers to an online channel supported by AI and predictive analytics.
  • Introduced new products and services.
  • Improved Settlement performance from 93% to 96.7%.
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