The changing pace of recruitment – be quick or miss out on the best candidates!

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Lately, we’ve been seeing quite a lot of clients missing out on great candidates, because they’ve been a little slow to make decisions in their recruitment process.

In today’s world, recruitment is changing and has quickly become a candidate led market, lengthy recruitment processes mean you might often miss out on the best candidates.

Our own skills survey revealed that millennials are used to a fast-paced lifestyle with technology being at their fingertips.  They’ve grown up in a world that has given them the expectation of instant results and they want a fast turnaround in all aspects of their lives – recruitment is no exception.  The traditional 4-6 week process of reviewing CV’s, interviewing and perhaps a second round interview,  all before making an offer just doesn’t fit with that world view.  By 2020 over 50% of the workforce will be millennials with very different expectations – future employees will not wait weeks for an interview.

We urge our clients to look at streamlining your hiring process. Perhaps reduce the number of people involved, so approvals can be made quicker?  Keep time clear in your diary to fit in interviews quicker– and not in two or three weeks.

In a candidate led market, employers need to act quickly.

The clients who can move through the process more rapidly are securing the best candidates.


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