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Utility People D&I stats for the past 4 years


Male Female White British Ethnic British Non-UK
This Year 2022 to 23 59% 41% 76% 19% 5%
Last Year 2021 to 22 52% 48% 75% 18% 6%
Year Before 2020 to 21 61% 39% 77% 16% 7%
Older 2019 to 20 72% 28% 73% 18% 9%


As usual, we are publishing our D&I stats for this year and comparing how our placements in the energy and utilities industry stand up against the industry standards.


As a comparison we have tried to find the most up-to-date and relevant statistics, and feel that the report below is the most credible, has sound data sources and seems to have been referenced by others.


This report indicates that women are now up to 19% in our industry against an average of 48% in other sectors. This report also highlights that the industry average ethnic minority numbers stand at only 6%, against a national average of 13%.




What is clear, is that of Utility People’s total placements last year, we placed 41% females against an industry average of 19% and we placed 19% of candidates from an ethnic background against an  industry average of only 6%.  So, our stats show that we are clearly a recruiter that is supporting diversity by placing more women than the industry average and more ethnic minorities than the National average.


Another interesting report shows a downturn in the number of women in leadership roles within Utilities, which could tie in with our slightly disappointing drop from 48% last year to 41% this year.  The report below indicates that in 2021 women in Leadership positions in Utilities was 27%, down 2% from 2020 when it was 29%.




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