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When Andrew Fraser posted an article on Linked In last week it created quite a stir within the recruitment industry. The article described his negative experience with recruiters in the past and his frustrations dealing with arrogant and unhelpful recruiters. The quote that really struck a nerve ’every other recruiter has ranged from lacklustre to outright abusive’.

At this moment I considered our company – new to Utility People and recruitment, I thought about this statement, and I went through the numerous phone calls I have overheard in the office, the polite nature of every recruiter in our team, the unbelievable level of detail and time every one of my colleagues gives to their candidates and I felt reassured that our team are far from this category.

I went on to start reading the article comments and to my shock and horror some recruiters were commenting on this story with real anger and arrogance only reinforcing Andrew Fraser’s beliefs!  It saddened me that recruiters saw this as a personal attack and not a wakeup call. Andrew’s view is that of many and as a recruiter it is so important to try and prevent this portrayal.

Due to this very article we called a team meeting to discuss how we work and guarantee we are doing everything we can as recruiters to ensure our customers do not feel the same way as Andrew Fraser. We try our upmost to give every professional our time and treat them with the respect they deserve. With that in mind we would like to hear from you if you have worked with us in the past. Click here to complete our short feedback survey.  Our aim is to ensure we break this negative image of recruiters and we would like to thank you Andrew Fraser as you have spurred us on to ensure we do it.

Emma Ellis, Marketing Manager





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