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A recent report by the job board Monster on the current Skills Gap has delivered some interesting results.

What Employers say:
  • 87% are finding it hard to fill jobs with one-third say the skills gap is getting bigger
  • 45% of employers believe a diverse workforce is a priority to retain and attract talent
  • 40% of businesses build DEI into their recruitment processes.
  • 70% of companies are willing to hire someone with transferable skills and train
  • 33% say assessing transferable skills is a top challenge
What Employees say
  • 86% consider DEI critically important
  • 62% would turn a job down with an organisation that didn’t support diversity
  • 70% of candidates expect companies to be open about the DEI policies
What Recruiters say
  • 63% often fail to fill roles due to the current skills shortages
These are the Facts:
  • Businesses with high degrees of diversity were 36% more profitable
  • Increasing diversity in the workplace almost doubles creativity
What can you do?
  • Build a Diversity Action Plan
  • Be transparent with successes and highlight challenges.
  • Ensure inclusive hiring processes at every level from application to interview
  • Revitalise your talent pipeline – engage with new groups, advertise in new places or work with experts to find a more diverse talent pool.
  • Don’t stop at inclusive hiring – make sure there’s support for new hires and existing team
  • Make sure your staff are free to share their views and that you listen.


Embrace difference and attract talent!!!!


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