How can an Apprenticeship scheme help your business?

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How can an Apprenticeship scheme help your business? As part of National Apprenticeship Week we attended Oakland College’s Apprenticeship Breakfast this morning. The event explained the benefits of Apprenticeships, and highlighted one of the key benefits as being retention of skilled staff – as Apprentices frequently stay long term after they have finished the apprenticeship, as well as numerous other benefits to the business.

The college were truly passionate about the service they provide in supporting Apprenticeships, and as the Government provides 90% of the funding for this training initiative it really is a win-win opportunity for both employer and student. Utility People’s own recent ‘Skills Shortage Survey’ revealed that less than one-third of utility sector businesses have Apprenticeship schemes in place, and with succession planning playing a critical part in building a flourishing business, this seems a worrying trend.

With that in mind Utility People are practicing what we preach and getting involved in the local apprenticeship scheme. There are many intelligent, hardworking young students out there with little guidance as to what to do next post GCSEs and A-Levels. They are seeking career advice and alternatives to university and as business leaders it should be our responsibility to help them progress and to provide opportunities within our businesses. Take a look at the apprenticeship website here, but more importantly speak to your local colleges as they are crying out for businesses like yours to get involved.


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