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If you’re reading this, you like most of your colleagues, are using LinkedIn, but are you using it correctly, and what more could you be doing to promote your profile?

Particularly if you are looking for a new job, having a well-developed and impressive LinkedIn profile is so important as 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates.


Here are our top 5 tips to creating an impressive and successful profile:


Be personal

It’s a common misconception that on LinkedIn you should only post work-related content, but this is not the case! Personal content allows your connections to get to know the real you, as well as what you do at work. It is often the case that personal posts will receive more engagement than professional ones.

As recruiters the personal content benefits our team massively, it allows our network to build a relationship and a degree of trust with us.

When looking for a new role, having personal content is beneficial as it allows a possible employer to see another side to you and get a feel for your personality as well as your achievements.


Don’t be afraid to show off your achievements

Many people feel a bit uncomfortable talking about their achievements, but there are so many benefits to doing so. This is your opportunity to showcase achievements you may not be able to highlight on your CV and demonstrate the real you. So don’t be afraid to shout about your accomplishments!


Build your connections and engage with them

It may seem unnatural to connect with people you don’t know that well or don’t know at all.

But think of sending a connection is like a handshake – building your connections on LinkedIn could introduce you to many different people, gaining access to THEIR connections, and who knows – one of those could possibly be the key to you finding the next step in your career.


Post regularly

The more you post on LinkedIn the better. Posting regularly is essential to getting the most out of the platform, it will allow you to build connections and improve engagement with your posts. Every good quality post makes your profile more visible to recruiters, hiring managers and industry leaders!


Use the skill quizzes

Making use of the skill quizzes is key to the success of your LinkedIn profile. Not many people are aware of these quizzes which can be a great tool. You will find them if you scroll down on your profile under the skills section, all you need to do is click ‘demonstrate your skills’ and then select a quiz that would apply to you!

Candidates who have skill badges on their profile are 20% more likely to get hired. You should make use of any extra advantage you can get!

If you follow all these steps, over time you will build a successful LinkedIn profile.

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