How do we make sure there are enough skilled people in an ever expanding Energy Industry?

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The Energy Industry has changed dramatically over the past decade with the Big Six under constant threat of competition from new and innovative energy suppliers, and it feels like every week we hear of a new supplier launching in the market and successfully grabbing their own share of the UK customer base.  In particular, we have seen many ‘not for profit’ organisations and local councils providing not only competitively priced energy for their local communities but jobs as well, boosting the local economy and successfully bleeding a constant stream of customers away from the more traditional energy suppliers.

This is great news for the customer as their choice of energy supplier has never been greater and switching supplier has never been easier.  However, as the number of suppliers continues to expand, it is becoming very clear that the technical skillsets required to operate as a retail energy supplier are being stretched to capacity and beyond, and finding experienced energy professionals to help set up and run these organisations is getting tougher and tougher.

So what can we do to help?

Utility People are setting up a Task Force, a pool of experts to help these new suppliers set up the systems and processes they need to compete with the established market.  Our vision is to continue to build the task force in both Controlled Market Entry and the subsequent setting up of the operational systems and processes required to run an effective retail supply business.  Members of this Task Force will parachute into these new suppliers, filling the knowledge gap and embedding the local work force with the skills required to continue long after they leave.

If you feel you have the skillset and experience to provide these new businesses with this knowledge, we want to hear from you.

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