How to deal with a Job Rejection

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Human nature puts the majority of us in a defensive mood when we have been successful in anything. Stats tell us that you will have 3-4 interviews before landing the right role, meaning job rejection is an inevitable part of the job hunt process.

It is important to be true to yourself and look back on your interview as if you were a fly on the wall. You must ask yourself:

  • Am I technically competent for this role I was unsuccessful for?
  • Would I fit in culturally?
  • Are there people out there with strong skills in certain areas?

From this you can then determine whether or not it was something you did in the interview that could be improved upon, or whether it is simply not the right role for you.

The main thing to take from job rejection is the feedback from the interview. As a candidate you must always gain feedback to understand where you can develop. How many of us can actually say we applied for one role and got that dream job?

With the stats showing that you will have 3-4 interviews before landing the right role, a job rejection should not be a bad thing and you should work on the feedback that you have been given to improve on your next interview. This will make you a stronger character and prepare you then for your interview with that dream role and company.

Just remember, a job rejection can make you feel rejected and discouraged, but it is something that everyone will encounter at some point or another. The best advice I can give is to not get too downhearted, the chances are your perfect role is just around the corner.


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