How to use your personal brand when searching for a job?

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It is so important to stand out from the crowd and to do this you have to get your personality to shine through your CV and on your LinkedIn profile. So how can you make the most of your brand and use it to your advantage?

How to make your CV Stand out - Specialist Utilities Recruitment

Be Yourself

It may sound weird, but the first thing to remember is to be yourself. Social media is key nowadays, full of so many successful people and brands however you could see yourself comparing your brand to others. While this can be good, in some circumstances this can also have the opposite effect and force yourself to be something you are not and then drive your brand in the wrong direction. And when employers try to find you (which they will do), they can judge you on the person you appear to be online.

Identifying your emotional appeal.

What are your personality features? This can be as easy as saying you have a crazy sense of humour or that you are obsessively organised. Take a few moments, why do you think people are attracted to your brand? Are you portraying this correctly across your online presence? If not, how could this affect your job chances?

Describing yourself.

When it comes to your brand, who are you? What are you all about and why do people enjoy working with you? Highlight your transferable skills. Try to match keywords on your profile to those that are on the most common skills required on the job ad and highlight these words in your CV. Need help writing your own CV? Head over to our CV Tips!

Identifying your speciality.

What do you do well, and why do businesses need that skill? Sell your speciality to make people see why you’re different from the rest of the crowd.

Actively work on your brand and CV - Specialist Utilities Recruitment

Actively work on your Brand

Social media has made it so easy to constantly work on your brand. Every comment, share, or caption you post can be seen and will affect how people perceive you. Always try to make sure that what you do on social media is according to your personal brand and goes with your core values.

If you are struggling to make your CV stand out, visit our Tips and Advice page to find out more or contact us today to see how we can assist you with your job search!

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