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Most job descriptions are painfully long and boring, so here’s some tips to make them better.

Cut the long description about your company

Candidates can learn about your company anytime, so keep the company overview brief and use the opening paragraph to speak to your target audience and sell them your opportunity. Don’t forget today’s candidates will also want to know about D&I, company culture and benefits and perks, so maybe include a link to those.


Delete buzzwords and unnecessary qualifications

Nobody outside your company knows what they mean!  Write simple sentences – use headers to separate sections and bullets to improve readability. Cut back on any long list of requirements, just list what is really key to do the job.


Are you using the right Job Title?

Many job titles are very specific to an organisation, and like buzz words are meaningless to the outside world.  Consider a more generic description which is likely to attract a wider audience.


Replace ‘the ideal candidate’ with ‘you’

Write the advert as if you’re speaking directly to THEM. Be conversational, direct, and personal so that your top candidate thinks, “Yes! That’s me.” If you wouldn’t say the words, don’t use them. Engage with the candidates use phrases like “You’re good at” or “What we expect of you.”


Describe a day in the life  

Maybe replace “key responsibilities” with “a day in the life of” that’s what the applicant wants to hear.  If you paint a vivid picture of the role this will help to sift those applying


Talk about projects

Great candidates want to make an impact, so the more specific you can be, about what needs doing in your organisation, the better.


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