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It was great to see the new show ‘The job interview’ appear on our screens this week.  The show was amusing, cringe worthy and at times emotional. Every recruiter on the planet could to relate to the show.

The Full Time Mum Jody trying to get back in to work or the lovely Ian who has all the skills but is just that bit older, we found ourselves in work mode talking to the TV, selling them to the client as you know they are more than capable but just need that foot in the door.

Then there was the nervous crew,  the guys that just couldn’t handle the pressure and the nerves just got the better of them.  They spoke too much or were just plain speechless, probably not at all how they are in real life but like so many of us could not handle the pressure of the interview.

It was great to see a TV programme that really showed you the highs and lows of interviewing, and if anyone is currently looking for a new role I highly recommend you watch the show.  It gives you an idea of what to do and what NOT to do in an interview, and can help with the sort of questions an interviewer asks and what they are looking for in a candidate.

Key Interview tips from the show

  • Always research the company you are going to the interview for
  • Never talk about the huge mistakes you have made at your jobs in the past
  • Never say you are not sure if you will like the job you are being interviewed for
  • Try not to look too desperate and ask ‘can I start tomorrow’


The show is every recruiter’s joys and nightmares rolled into one.  A show that we will be tuned into weekly.


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