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Wellbeing is a continuous journey for me especially since the pandemic of 2020, you see I have always been a social butterfly, if someone asked me what my hobby was, I would always say being with my family and friends. I would drive, fly anywhere at a minute’s notice just to be with them, I loved being spontaneous! We are now 3years on and I can still struggle with the aftermath of lockdowns, my motivation and confidence are sometimes low, so I have to push myself to return to the old Lisa, and I can honestly say, I am finally getting there!

I have this little man, Bob the Bulldog to thank, he has been my motivation! He looks up to me to make sure he is ok, and in return, he makes sure I am ok!, When he knows we are going for walks, his little waddle makes me smile or I return home from the office to a wagging tail of pure excitement.

I thought I was getting a sofa dog, which is what they say about Bulldogs, but not our Bob, he has 3 walks a day, spoilt rotten right?  We go trekking at the weekends which always ends at a nearby pub (convenient 😊) and we are always meeting other dog owners and stop for chats! So, this little chap has been my wellbeing coach for the last 2 years.

Tell me what your wellbeing journey has been? How have you overcome any struggles?

Here’s Bob meeting his buddies, once a month we join Geordie Bullies Springboard Rescue UK which we sponsor, and Bob gets to meet his buddies, which he loves!

Bob with his buddies


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