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The energy sector, like most, was already being significantly disrupted even before the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Energy companies build their reputation on reliability and affordability. So how do you both manage business as usual (BAU) and positively embrace disruption? All to position your business for future prosperity?

Leaders throughout history have subscribed to the practice of “never waste a good crisis.” These times can be opportunities for accelerated transformation. Especially in technologies and business models. Money is still being spent but where and how is often different. While your competitors batten down the hatches, a crisis can be an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and build market share.

At Utility People, we sometimes come across candidates who are comfortable, indeed relish ambiguity, are lateral thinkers, community builders and entrepreneurs. While your highly skilled and experienced team can continue to “keep the lights on”, a dedicated entrepreneur can help maximise the opportunities of disruption. This will position your business for future success, whichever way the sector goes.

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