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An article came out recently which suggested that employers are neglecting top talent, all because they have tattoos. This is supported by a recent poll in the Telegraph, where a whopping 53% of people think it is inappropriate to have a tattoo in the workplace.  It is already a huge struggle for graduates to get their foot in the door, and this news must come as huge confidence knock for young people looking for a job.

Whilst it is understandable that businesses want their staff to look smart, and create a positive experience for their customers, with over one third of young people having a tattoo, is it time to reconsider our attitudes towards tattoos?

Some supporters of tattoos in the workplace would say that it is about the design and meaning rather than the actual tattoo itself. For example, someone in marketing or design could have a really cool tattoo that they designed, which demonstrates their creativity and passion. Yet the hiring manager might not like tattoos and won’t hire them, choosing instead someone without a tattoo who may not have the same level of creativity.

If we look to the future, there is a strong chance that some of the third will end up in management positions.  When these new managers start hiring, they will be in a position to influence opinion, and take on candidates based on their ability and not on whether they have tattoos. With the number of people who have tattoos ever growing, it is surely a matter of time before that 53% number changes.

The world and its opinions are changing all the time, so isn’t it about time that employers changed their stance on tattoos. For now, businesses are almost certainly missing out on top talent – all for the sake of inked skin. What are your thoughts? Let us know!


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