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Pete Holliday – Testimonials

“I have worked with Pete for many years and in two capacities – first as the HRBP for his recruitment business as part of his management team and, subsequently, as a client of his business that was delivering a managed recruitment service to my employer. During my time with his business, it was clear to me that Pete had a clear vision for transformational growth and I worked with him on organisational development to help create a new business model to succeed in the recruitment market. Essentially, Pete was taking the business from a small unknown enterprise into a major player with differentiated offerings and able to win significant business. He demonstrated great knowledge of the market and brought people with him through a clear vision coupled with comprehensive change projects that he led and delivered through his team. Pete works on a consultative basis which engenders confidence and trust in times of essential change.

As a client of his, Pete was accountable for ensuring the fully managed recruitment model provided effectively deployed resources, in a high-volume agile environment. The model was critical to our business in terms of delivery to our clients and corporate cost-management. Pete consistently demonstrated a strong understanding of our business and was able to translate this into continuous fine-tuning of the service over a 5year+ tenure. I understand that the model is still in place, even though I am now operating independently. His ability to listen, rapidly solve problems and innovate are qualities I hold in high regard and have contributed to his business acumen and success.

My view is that Pete’s knowledge, experience and consultative approach will be an asset to recruitment companies and employers who are seeking help with establishing optimum business performance and objective guidance to Board-level decision making.”
Jane Rasmussen – Independent Consultant

“I met Peter during the course of Sanderson Solutions Group’s acquisition of Sopra Steria Recruitment ( SSR) between March and June 2019. Peter proved to be highly knowledgeable as to the recruitment industry and the key ingredients needed for a successful business in this sector. It was clear that he had overseen a successful operation and SSR was well established with a successful MSP business. My own feeling was that he would have a lot to offer any recruitment business that was either in start-up mode or looking to scale up either through trading or via investment. Peter’s approach was professional, considered and knowledge based and his experience would be valuable to any recruitment business, especially now in these most challenging of times.”
Martin Griffiths – Chairman, Sanderson Solutions Group

“Over several years of working with Pete, mostly at Board level, he has consistently demonstrated the ability to take smaller recruitment businesses and operating models to greater heights both in scale and complexity. His start point in establishing plans is based on what might be possible rather than limited by what has gone before. Coupled with a strong grasp of the dynamics of recruitment ecosystem, I have witnessed his success in transforming businesses from small to medium, to large and from transactional to fully managed with significant pipeline. This backdrop has included leadership of strategic deal-making and changing the business model in line with growth – he has a knack of creating a compelling ‘big picture’ whilst having sound detailed knowledge to back this up and give confidence at all levels. This applies equally to Board decisions within recruitment companies and those of employers, where Pete is able to guide on effective recruitment business models.

His style is consultative yet confident and, coupled with his knowledge, experience and pragmatism will bring benefit to organisations who are debating the ‘next move’ for their business and for their recruitment activities. He can provide guidance whether companies are in their infancy, growing or wrestling with whether to compete with or collaborate with larger players, or to become one through transformation.”
Mark Cook – Executive Director and Chairman

“I have worked with Pete for over 8 years, where he was a key member of my Board and operated as Managing Director of our recruitment business. During this time, I have witnessed a transformation of the recruitment business from declining clients and revenues, to significant growth and achievement of a market presence, previously absent. His contribution to the Board has been significant with key insights enabling informed strategic decision-making. His ability to assess markets and derive effective operating models to drive growth is unquestionable, coupling vision with translation into business change programmes, executed with confidence and pragmatism. He coaches people to gain their buy-in to change and leads from the front in presenting the vision and its benefits. Pete is adept at challenging the ‘status quo’ rather than accepting existing practices as the norm. I am confident he can bring value to organisations’ Boards who are seeking an objective view, pragmatic guidance and vision of what is possible.”
John Torrie – Chairman, Sopra Steria UK


“I have worked with Pete over many years, in collaboration around win-win strategies between our respective recruitment organisations. This has included mutual partnering within major MSP/RPO contracts where each of our companies has operated as a strategic supplier to the other. These opportunities created great benefit to our businesses and to our customers, as the resource capability of our organisations were complementary and ensured delivery of total resource to the MSP/RPO customers. We have worked together on business models for customers in both the public and private sectors within contracts of annual value exceeding £50m. As MD of his business he consistently demonstrated the vision for collaborative working as a key strand of his growth agenda as well as a firm grip on the workings of his business operations and people capabilities. His approach to true partnering in MSP/RPO is very refreshing and I am aware that this has helped Pete achieve multiple industry awards for his business, over the years.  In the current climate and, as businesses adapt to new ways of working, I believe Pete’s experience, knowledge and creativeness will bring tangible benefit to both recruitment companies and employers seeking guidance on recruitment strategies, organisational optimisation, business change and business growth. He offers genuine independent and constructive advice and his wealth of knowledge is a real asset to companies at different stages of their evolution.”
Erika Bannerman – Managing Director, NHS Shared Business Services

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