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It always saddens me when I hear people bad mouth recruiters, some people see it as the bottom of the food chain, a stop gap, a fall back job. I wonder, do any of these people actually know what’s involved in being a recruiter?

I have to confess I might have agreed with them a year ago, but after working with such a passionate strong team I now couldn’t disagree more!

It takes a huge amount of skill, patience and strength to be a recruiter. More than anything the passion these recruiters have for people is on another level, they genuinely want to help build peoples careers and are still smiling after days weeks and months hard graft which all seems worth it to them when they find the perfect match.  Job Satisfaction like no other!

It’s a tough career choice, which takes outright skill to be good at. Anyone that sees it as anything other than a good profession needs to try it,  I know that I couldn’t do it!

Next time you are tempted to mock this profession think about how you got in the job you are in now or how you got your team.  They work relentlessly to build your careers, maybe we shouldn’t mock theirs?


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