Are you prepared for an attack on your customer base post Water De-regulation?

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As most people reading this will be aware, from April 2017 the non-domestic water market in England, will be de-regulated.  A similar thing happened back in 2008, where Scotland saw its own (non-domestic) water market, de-regulate. This meant that over 100,000 business customers were given the option to switch supplier.

Right now there are over 20 regional wholesale water companies, who currently run the English water market. With de-regulation coming and the separation of retail from wholesale, this will not only drive competition between these 20 but will also see the arrival of new retailers joining the market.

Already the market leading recruiter to the energy industry, Utility People is finding more and more water and energy broker companies are asking for our help with their recruitment plans in the run up to deregulation in April 2017, and as a consequence, our network of water professionals is increasing daily.  With new retailers getting ready to join the marketplace, it is imperative that existing water suppliers are prepared for the onslaught to their customer base from competitors.

Interestingly, there are many synergies between energy and water that are currently not being utilised.  Water companies need to tap into existing, very commercial, business development and sales teams who are already working in energy, to gain advantage in time for April 2017, and we are currently helping many companies to do just that.

Water companies have never before had to compete for business, and this is where those already working in energy can add immediate value, not only to protect existing client bases but to increase market share.  Already experts in selling energy procurement, skilled professionals use their expertise to maximise revenue by up selling and cross selling an abundance of energy saving products and services – easily transferable to water.

Should you wish to discuss water deregulation and the implications it may have on the industry, call us on 0207 317 2880 or contact for more details.


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