Water Deregulation – to sink or swim?

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In April 2017 the non-domestic water market is set to change, giving businesses choice in their water supplier.  This is great news as it is an opportunity to negotiate better prices and choose a company that really delivers an excellent service. However with just two years to go are the water companies going to be ready to meet their customers’ expectations?

The companies who aim to achieve leadership in the competitive market should be making big investments in their processes, people and technology by now to ensure that they are ready to serve their customers. Every water company needs to work out how they will operate in this new market and how they will transform their business to get there.

While there are many differences between the energy and water retail markets, we believe there are also many similarities as competition is introduced, especially in terms of customer expectations and behaviours.  As we saw in the energy deregulation not all retailers can, and will, be successful. Now is the time for the water industry to really listen to their customers, ensuring strategic choices are made on how to compete and succeed in 2017.


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