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It was great to receive an update from Ben Jeffs at Market Operator Service Limited (MOSL) last week. MOSL are currently building the IT systems that will enable registration, customer switching and settlement between wholesalers and retailers when Water competition opens in April 2017. They will also design the market operator services and support a range of market transition and business readiness activities.

MOSL are working closely with all stakeholders to make sure everything is in place to ensure the market opens smoothly and have partnered with Defra, Ofwat and the water companies as part of the Open Water Programme. This united approach is really working for MOSL and communication to their stakeholders is continuous and honest.

The new system is currently in its early stages and although there is still a lot of work to be done the team are confident they will achieve and deliver. The MOSL website is a breath of fresh air for anyone needing information on Water Competition and you can even download the ‘Water Competition for Dummies’ book for free from their website. Keep up the great work MOSL and thanks for keeping us in the loop.


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