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Have you considered a career in the Energy and Utilities Industry?

So you have just graduated and 3 years of really hard work has finally paid off, but now it’s time to get out into the big wide world leaving many candidates thinking ‘what next’???

There are so many options out there, and it probably feels like every graduate in the country is applying for the same roles as you, so have you considered a job in the Energy and Utilities Industry? If you are looking to join a solid Industry with huge scope for growth and development – then the Energy and utilities industry could be the career choice for you. With the combined problem of an aging workforce, and a mushrooming energy supplier base, attracting top graduates is a massive priority, and the industry is having to bring in fresh young talent into their businesses to help innovate and modernise the industry.

This sector is much more dynamic than you might think, with rapid change and expanding opportunities.  For example, there are many new suppliers breaking into the market and giving the once ‘Big six’ a run for their money.  These new suppliers are different, often community or council based, delivering value for money and focused on their customers rather than profit.  Added to that is the continually evolving renewable sector, constantly looking for new innovative ways to generate energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and as a consequence, help save the planet.

With the government focused on hitting targets for generating more renewable sources of energy, they are expecting the industry to recruit an additional 200,000 employees over the next few years’ so now really is a prime time to apply.

There are so many different career paths open to graduates in this Industry, the list is endless and it is a perfect opportunity for a grad looking to start a long and prosperous career.

What degree are the industry looking for?

A bachelor level degree is something most companies in the Utility Industry look for, and many companies look for technical degrees in subjects such as Science, Mechanical, Civil or Engineering. However, if you are looking for an IT, Logistics, or Customer Service role your degree could come from any background.

What skills are employees looking for?

These are the top 5 qualities our clients look for in their graduates

  1. Good problem solving and analytical skills
  2. Technical skills and knowledge
  3. Willingness to work hard and be flexible on location and working hours
  4. Ability to work in a team
  5. Excellent communications skills – both written and verbal

How do I find a graduate job in energy?

Many large energy and utilities companies offer graduate schemes in commercial, technical, engineering and environmental functions, and often contact Utility People when they are in search of graduates.  If you would like to find out more about the roles we have currently, please submit you CV using the button below and we will be in contact.

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