What more can we do to improve the hiring process?

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Thomas International recently published a report highlighting some of the challenges around recruitment. This includes the hiring process and the high number of new hires that do not work out. Poor fit between the candidate and either the role, culture, or line manager can be some of the main reasons.

The report claimed that of those that responded, over half of all hires made within the last 12 months were not compatible with the business. This related to an uncomfortable 25% of hires not working out at all.

The biggest problem is a historical one associated with the method of recruitment. This includes a complicated, overly long hiring process, a lack of transparency and bad cultural fit. Here at Utility People, we work very hard with our customers to develop an effective and transparent process to make any recruitment as painless as possible. However, equally we understand how important it is that any new hires align positively with a company’s brand and core values.

Overall, the main takeaway from the report is the importance of improving the quality of hires. It also suggests evaluating what you could do differently. This might include improving candidate experience as well as building an effective onboarding and mentoring process.


Here at Utility People, we add real value to our recruitment process by offering Psychometric Assessments.  Louise Parkin is a certified General Intelligence Ability Assessor (GIA) & Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) Practitioner. She regularly delivers psychometric profiling to ensure best fit for her clients.

Find out more about this service: Psychometric Tests | Thomas International

If you are interested in reading the full report by Thomas International, click here: Fixing your broken recruitment process: What’s not working, why and how do you fix it? | Thomas International


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