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We are all too aware of the instability of the retail energy sector right now, and as a consequence, a number of people have sadly found themselves looking for new role. This of course wasn’t in their plan right now. Alternatively, now that we are coming of the pandemic, some of you might actually be proactively considering a change of career.  Whichever camp you sit in, you just might want to consider doing some housekeeping on your personal branding, CV, social media, and overall personal brand to get yourself fit and ready for the job hunting process.  And of course, we are here to help you through what might feel like a daunting process!

Update your CV

The best place to start is to update your CV. It might even be little personal branding things such as updating your phone number, address, or something more substantial like updating your most recent experience and qualifications. Either way, make sure all your information is up to date and new skills added so your CV is presented in the best possible way.

Develop your social media network

We all know that you should be extremely careful what you put out on social media because it’s in the public domain for everyone to see. So, avoid posting photos or comments that could compromise your chances of finding a new job – you know the type of pics and posts we mean!!!

The obvious places to look for jobs are the good old job boards such as Reed, Monster and Indeed, however many companies actively hiring are also looking on LinkedIn. Therefore, developing your professional network is vital if you would like to find a job in this increasingly competitive market.

Start by updating your LinkedIn Profile – or setting one up if you have not done so already – making sure all your latest skills and experience are being show-cased and where you can advertise – if you want to – that you are actively searching for a new role. This flags up your availability to recruiters who can then reach out to you.

Reach out to a recruiter!

At Utility People we are conscious that this is a difficult time for many who have sadly been put in the position of needing to find a job because of the instability of the market place.  So, we feel an enormous responsibility to help as many of you as we can to find new and exciting roles.  Retail energy might be suffering at the moment, but other areas of the industry are booming, and we have never been busier – you may even be able to switch your skills from one part of the industry to another.

Reaching out to a recruiter can be a key step to finding that new job.  You will not only gain insight into what is happening in terms of recruitment, but you will gain access to a much broader range of roles that if you were doing all the research yourself.  Plus – you’ve got someone on your side fighting your corner to find the best possible job for you.

Whatever your situation, if you want some help and advice about looking for a new role, contact us here or send your CV to see how we can help.


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