Why Aptitude Tests are here to stay

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Aptitude tests are becoming more popular as employers try to differentiate between candidates with similar education levels, workplace experiences, and skill sets and making preparing for an aptitude test a crucial part of any job-seekers interview preparation.

What is an Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test is any kind of assessment which measures your potential. These tests can include numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude, cognitive aptitude, abstract reasoning, critical thinking, diagrammatic reasoning, or spatial reasoning.

Employers may use these tests to sift high volumes of applicants.  Alternatively it’s a good way to pre-screen candidates to narrow the field to a more manageable number for interview, by rejecting those who fail to meet the standard expected in that role.

Hiring is an expensive process, so any tools an employer can use to obtain proof of competence before hiring has to be a good thing as far as they are concerned, and is a belt and braces solution to support referencing and interviews.

These tests may sound daunting, but they do have the benefit of avoiding unconscious bias, basing interview requests on test results rather than someone’s opinion of your CV. So could be viewed as a positive.

Don’t forget, you can prepare for aptitude tests, so you at least know what to expect and get some practice in.  There are a number of free tests you can find online, so if you have an aptitude test coming up, the best thing you can do is prepare and help to improve your score in time for your upcoming job interview.

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