Why use an Executive Search Consultant?

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An Executive Search Consultant like myself, operates on an exclusive, client-centred basis and on a limited number of assignments at any one time.

A typical Assignment would take between 6-8 weeks. My job is to identify candidates in specialised industries – typically Energy, Utilities, Water and Renewables. This is for both here in the UK as well as in Europe. These are candidates – who are most likely passive – happy in their roles and not actively looking for a new role.  My job is to persuade them that they should be!!

I utilise my extensive network, built over several years, to research and map competitor companies to identify potential candidates. These are from diverse but relevant backgrounds, and there are many other added benefits too. My clients not only get to hire the best talent, but they receive market intelligence. This is as well as finding out what their competitors are up to!

All my assignments begin with a F2F meeting so that I get to fully understand my client’s business model. I also get to understand their future business strategy and their own unique requirements.  Once I have the Brief, I conduct extensive research on targeted companies and in-depth competency-based telephone interviews. This then gives me an initial long-list of potential candidates.

I then move on to more in-depth conversations until I have a short-list of 3 well qualified candidates. All of whom are very capable of doing the role.  I then meet those 3 in order to prepare an in-depth report of their range of capabilities and experience. This is also augmented by psychometric testing.  The result is a short list of the most qualified candidates that will not only fit well within the culture of your organisation but match the specific requirements of the Brief.

My goal is to ensure the long-term commitment and impact of the person hired, and to help secure a lasting, successful executive hire for my client.

What type of roles would you come to me for?

My clients come to me typically for Senior-Level Executives, Board Directors, Non-Exec Directors and Chairperson positions. Assignments are generally for positions where the best candidate is harder to find and harder to persuade to make a move, and where the potential impact of success or failure is greatest.

My clients know I will treat their Brief and any potential candidates with a high degree of discretion and confidentiality, and help these hidden candidates see the advantage of making a move for the right opportunity.

I have a 100% success rate of filling the Assignments I take on, and I WILL fill your position, so, if you have a key role to hire, why not message me for a confidential chat?


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