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After months of research, preparation and discussions about modernisation and ‘getting down’ with the kids in the office, we finally feel that we are getting somewhere. New all singing and dancing website. Check. Innovation of our brand. Check. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn savvy. Check.

Research at Utility People about the Y Generation is continuous and extremely important as they are the rising stars of our future business, but last month after a work night out we entered a whole new level. Z Generation! We stumbled across a ‘comedy’ act that was solely for this generation. While the majority of us watched the whole show with our mouths wide open, it really made us think. This comedian has become famous worldwide, solely because of her YouTube clips.

No website, no big marketing budget, just the power of YouTube and the Z Generation. The message is clear: if you do not get to grips with, and keep up to date with technology now, how are you going to communicate with the X Generation – otherwise known as ‘Digital natives’ – something you need to do to continue to succeed well into the future.


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