Day in the life of a Recruiter – What happens to my CV?

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When you start your search for that next step in your career, finding the perfect role can be stressful and time consuming and you want the peace of mind that the recruiter you choose is doing absolutely all they can to support you in your search, as well as relieving some of that pressure. However, recruiters have a bad name – they’re all the same – they only call when they have something for you – if they can be bothered to get in touch at all!  So what is it a recruiter actually does and why does it take so long for them to get in touch?

Whether you apply for a specific role via one of the Job Boards or simply want to register your details via our website, we always follow the same process, but that process does take time, so we’ll explain what actually happens to your CV……………

If you hit the ‘apply’ button for a specific vacancy, your CV will probably be amongst many applications for the same role, but our remit from our customer will be to only select the three candidates that most closely match the skill set they require.  We receive hundreds of applications daily and only a very few will be relevant.  This means that most won’t – on average only 5% of the CVs we receive are relevant – but we review every CV, so rest assured the selection process is carried out by a highly qualified recruiter.

Candidates with the right experience will be contacted as a priority to discuss the role. If you haven’t quite made the top three but have good industry experience, one of our team will be in touch to discuss what type of job you are looking for which will then be communicated back to the whole team, who will always look for proactive ways to market good candidates to their customers. If there is nothing immediately available, you can be assured we will be in touch as soon as a position does arise which could be the right one for you.

If you simply do not have the right experience in the energy or utilities industries, we will send you an email letting you know that we are probably not the right recruiter for you, so we try and reply to every single person that contacts our office – something that very few recruiters do.

If you simply want to register with us via our website, we follow a similar process – if you have energy experience you will either get a call to discuss what you are looking for, or your CV will be added to our state of the art database which automatically matches your skills to our open vacancies.

Hopefully this will give you some idea of what happens after you hit the ‘apply’ or ‘send’ buttons.  It may feel like nothing is happening, but if you have the right experience in energy and utilities, your CV has hit the desk of everyone in our office and we are discussing each and every one of you, no news does not mean bad news but please understand it can sometimes take time to match you to that perfect role!


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