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2021 has been an extremely turbulent year for both the recruitment industry and the utility sector.  Because of COVID, we’ve had to deal with lock downs, cope with furlough, and now to top it all, there is the current crisis in retail energy with many of our challenger brands sadly going out of business – it’s been a very difficult year.

You may have found yourself in the very difficult position of facing redundancy or perhaps you have been struggling with your current job since returning after furlough. If this is the case, you need to consider your options and we’re here to help if you are looking for your next challenge. With Xmas nearly here and the New Year literally around the corner, this is a good time to shake things up and find both a new role and new company that you will make you happy in 2022.

Here is our advice on how to kick start your career search moving into 2022…

Update your personal branding

If you have been in the same role for some time, it is completely natural that you may have neglected updating your CV, possibly ignored your own personal branding and not done as much networking as you should – all things that a new employer will be looking for.

So now is the time to take a deeper look at how you word your CV, how you are interacting with people online, and optimise your profile from now on. You can find out more in our blog here.

Follow your passion

Most people in the energy and utilities sector are passionate about the industry.  It is no secret that we are in the middle of a climate crisis that is devastating our planet so, having people in the sector who want to make a difference is really important.  So, follow your heart, help to make a difference with your career, influencing decisions and pushing for change – what more worthwhile career could you have?

Get prepared

You may not have applied for a new job in a very long time, and are possibly feeling rather nervous and unsure about the process.  Well, we have lots of resources which will boost your confidence and help you prepare for a new job.

We have advice about writing CVs, preparing for your interviews, and building your social media platforms. We have some on our website right now which you can check out here.

Get yourself out there

There is a plethora of advertising mediums where you will be able to find jobs advertised, from job boards and Facebook to Linked In.  but Recruiters often have access to a much larger job pool than you will be able to find yourself.  So, make sure you connect with a reputable recruiter like Utility People and start building that relationship, which will give you a better chance of finding the best role for you.

We offer a weekly newsletter with all our brand-new Hot Jobs as well as all our consultants who regularly advertise their jobs on LinkedIn. To connect with us, click here.

No matter what option you choose for 2022, we are here to help you. If you need any advice at all, please contact us here (ADD TAG) and we will be happy to help.


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