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Pete Holliday | Non Exec Director at Utility People

Pete Holliday

Non-Exec Director

My background extends to over 35 years in the recruitment profession and encompasses leading recruitment businesses as SMEs, mid-tier, plus large and fully managed, often referred to as MSP and RPO.  I am also fortunate enough to have served APSCo for over 4 years as a Representative Committee member and also as Chair. For the last two years, I have set up as an Independent Adviser to the Recruitment Ecosystem (APSCo Approved), guiding and supporting a number of companies: both recruitment businesses and employers.

I was attracted to work with Utility People, Linda and the team as I am impressed by the fact that, as a Recruitment Consultancy, they understand the markets and business of their customers as well as being expert in recruiting the best people into key positions. This is rare in the Recruitment Profession as there are many generalists who would struggle to understand the markets they serve, so Utility People brings real value and intelligence. As Non-Executive Director, I contribute to the direction of the company and advise on the most effective strategies for profitable growth.

A bit more about me

My family and music are the loves of my life – ‘grown-up’ kids who are very musical and talented, plus I love going to concerts of all types, while spending a fortune on hi-fi equipment to try to replicate that experience at home. It might sound extreme, but it was a real boon in the lockdown months, when we were all finding different ways of being. In my ‘spare’ time, I am also a volunteer for the NHS, locally in Devon – trying to help out and give back to such a great organisation.

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