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When it comes to the success of Utility People it’s a massive team effort, we all work hard we love the team and the banter that comes with it, and I think it’s fair to say we all love the Utility People brand and what we do.

Managing Director Angela Peart does what she does best – she’s always out meeting customers, telling the Utility People story, building relationships and continuously networking, showcasing our  brand and creating business for the team.

Then there’s Ops Director Linda Mason – equally passionate about her candidates, clients and the Utility People service but loves nothing better than being in the office with her team supporting them to fill their roles.  This is great for the business, as Angela and Linda deliver the perfect balance. However, keeping under the radar like Linda does, doesn’t really show our candidates and customers exactly how amazing she is.  Her title is Ops director and yes, she is very focused on a smoothly run operation and the best Recruiter there is, but my god does she do so much more!   Other titles that come to mind are Mum, Comedian, Proof reader, Editor, Wrist slapper, Councillor, Career coach, HR, Gymnast, Storyteller, Word master, Bad idea crusher, Relationship advisor……the list could go on.

Its not very often the lovely Mas gets a mention, and, in all honesty, she never really wants one, which kind of makes her even more amazing.   She continues to create an environment that delivers amazing recruiters from a training programme developed out of her own experience.  Some of those recruiters are still with us and doing a fantastic job, and some have moved on having massively benefited from her guidance and coaching, and who are now flying in their careers.

I think it’s without a doubt, every last one of them will remember the Mas and what she did for them, and for that reason alone I am giving her a shout out.  The unsung hero that is such a major part of the Utility People Brand long may your hilarious comments and your inspiration to so many continue!


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