What is your Vision for the future of Utilities?

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The retail energy supply sector was already in turmoil. This was as a result of price caps and volatile wholesale energy prices. However, it has now been hit by the change in consumption patterns following the impact of Covid. Suppliers serving corporate customers are seeing escalating insolvencies. Also, those supplying the domestic market are concerned that the end of furlough and rising unemployment will have a major financial impact on consumers.

Whilst attention must of course focus on the immediate economic crisis, talk during lockdown was around the pace of change for green energy and Net Zero. Clearly there are benefits of embedding the net-zero transition into our economic recovery.

Because of these unprecedented times, it is more crucial than ever, that businesses have key Executives in place. This is to drive innovation and ‘build back better’.  This is where Utility People can help – and in particular Lisa Weston. She can help to find those key innovators that will position your business to be a leader in this revolution.

Contact Lisa to discuss how she can help kick-start your business following the pandemic, and gain access to her unique network.


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